Our future with interactive investor

We are pleased to announce the completion of the deal that will bring together the businesses of interactive investor and Share.

Better together

3 July 2020

I am delighted that the arrangements to combine the businesses of Share and ii, designed to transform the prospects for individual share ownership and personal investment across the United Kingdom, have been completed so efficiently over the past four months.
Our shareowners, employees and customers are well aware of my passion for egalitarian capitalism, not only right across society but also across generations. It delivers the economic freedom that comes from having a personal reserve of savings and investment, and a society at ease with itself: as owners, employees and consumers combine ownership with a responsibility for all.
A year ago, at our Annual General Meeting in June 2019, I spoke of our major strategic ambition to transform Share plc’s business over the coming years. We have to grow significantly in order to achieve this, not only in profitability but also in scale and in substance. That is why we have been prepared to work with others who share our ambition for a more egalitarian form of capitalism in order to achieve it. With our new colleagues in ii we have discovered just such a meeting of minds, and a shared purpose for the future.
It has been a great experience and privilege to establish The Share Centre/Share plc and lead it through the past thirty years. This next step of our journey is a key stepping stone to bring about a major expansion of individual share ownership in the United Kingdom, and to assist the intergenerational transfer of personal investment.
My thanks to you for being with us as we journey forward, and I look forward to staying in touch with you over the coming years.
Gavin Oldham
Chairman – Share plc