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Growth Fund

The ES Share Centre Multi Manager Growth Fund is our higher-risk fund for investors wanting capital growth.

About the Growth Multi Manager Fund

Our Growth fund aims to provide capital growth. The fund comprises of other funds that invest in a mix of equities, bonds, commodities and alternatives, which are used to diversify how much risk the manager takes to achieve returns.

The fund is suitable if you prefer to have exposure to developed, developing and frontier stock markets, as well as specific sectors and have an appetite for high risk returns.

We offer three Multi Manager funds, each with different goals, risk levels and investments, and each suitable for different investors. Want something focused more on income than growth, or a bit more balanced between the two, then check out our Multi Manager Fund hub.

Your investment goals

Everyone starts investing for their own personal reasons, with their own motivation and goal in mind. The key to knowing whether you’re making the right decisions for you is to look at what you ultimately want to achieve from investing your hard-earned money and how long you want to wait to achieve it.

The Growth Fund might be suitable for you if:

  • You're looking for capital growth.
  • You want to invest for the long-term and you're not put off by ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ in the value of capital.
  • You're comfortable with the majority on your investment being invested in any market or sector.

How do I invest?

You can buy our Multi Manager Manager Funds in most of our investment accounts. If you have an existing account with us, you can also invest in the fund quickly and easily.

Investing in your existing account

Step 1) Click on "buy" on your chosen investment (click here) and follow the dealing process that it takes you through.

Benefits of the Income Fund

Grow your investment

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Focuses on growing your investment.

More time, less stress

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Leave the decisions to us; our fund managers look after the fund.

Clarity on your money

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The low fund charge is calculated in the price of the investment.

Learn more about the fund

Our Multi Manager Funds are actively managed, meaning that the managers use their expertise to pick investments to achieve the fund's goals. With thorough research and analysis of the markets, managers and performance, our fund managers and their team choose the best underlying funds for each of our Multi Manager Fund's objectives.

Monthly summary factsheet

What's in the fund?

All of our Multi Manager Funds are also known as fund-of-funds, so they are invested in a variety of other funds. Those underlying funds each have their own investments and are diversified across multiple different types of assets.

The Growth Fund invests in many different regions, assets and sectors. A large portion of the underlying funds are invested in a mix of global developed and developing equities. There is also a heavier weighting on Mutual Funds than in the our other offerings. You can find more details on the fund breakdown in the Fact Sheet under "Important information" below.

What does Accumulation mean?

An accumulation fund focuses on growing the investment by reinvesting any profits or gains back into the fund itself. Accumulation funds lend themselves to being held for a longer period and are set up so that you benefit more down the road when you come to sell.

The important information

Before investing in any fund, we always advise reading through the Fund Fact Sheet, where you can find out about the fund's objectives, past performance and asset breakdown.

Growth Fund Fact Sheet

You can also find the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) here for more information about the fund.

Learn more about Multi Manager Funds

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