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Access to this website will no longer be available from Monday 29 November 2021, as our remaining customers move to interactive investor. We thank you for your support and wish you well with your future investments.

Managing your dividends

If you receive dividends from your investments, it’s your choice how to use them.

Dividend management options

Reinvest dividends

If you're investing to grow your capital, we can reinvest your dividends back into the company that paid them. Any dividends more than £10.00 will be reinvested as soon as possible after receipt, with any smaller amounts being left in your account as cash. If you’d like us to sweep up and reinvest these smaller amounts every quarter, just let us know.

Retain dividends

Your dividends are paid into your account and left as cash, ready for you to use whenever you choose.

Pay out dividends

If you're looking to generate an income from your investments, we can arrange for your dividends to be paid into your bank or building society each quarter (on or around 5 January, April, July and October).

How to change your preference

You choose how you want your dividends managed when you first open an account. If you would like to change, just call our Customer Service team.

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