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MiFID II – what companies and charities need to know: Legal Entity Identifiers

Customers who are deemed to be Legal Entities, such as companies, trusts and charities, must obtain a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) in order to be able to use their account. This is as a result of the changes effective from 3 January 2018 for the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) and Regulation (MiFIR) applicable in the UK.

What is a Legal Entity?

Customers who are deemed to be legal entities include Companies, Charities, Unincorporated Bodies and Trusts (excluding bare trusts).

What is an LEI?

An LEI is a 20-alphanumeric reference code that is unique to each legal entity, allowing all transactions for that entity to be reported and identifiable to that investor. This identifier enables regulatory authorities in the UK and Europe to monitor trading activity with specific emphasis on market abuse and market manipulation. Customers who are deemed legal entities are responsible to obtain this LEI themselves.

An LEI is required to be renewed on an annual basis and is it up to the legal entity to ensure this is renewed each year. The cost for this annual renewal is the responsibility of the legal entity. A single LEI can be used across all investment accounts that legal entity owns.

How to obtain an LEI

1. Register
You need to register yourself as a user on the London Stock Exchange’s LEI platform, UnaVista. Create an account and click 'register'.

Please note: that UnaVista is not the only provider of LEIs and there may be other providers available worldwide who may charge less.

2. Request your LEI
Once logged into the UnaVista system, please see pages 9-12 of the user guide to request a new LEI.‎

How do I submit my LEI?

Simply sign into your account, go to ‘settings’ and under accounts option populate the Legal Entity Identifier field.

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