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What are funds?


Funds are 'collective' investments which pool your money with other investors. A fund manager uses that money to buy and sell a wide range of investments on your behalf, in order to achieve a fund’s objective.

There are two types of fund you can invest in: an OEIC (open-ended investment companies) or a unit trust.

Why invest in funds?

  • Take a more ‘hands off’ approach to investing.
  • Tap into the expertise of fund managers.
  • Invest generically in regions, sectors or investment types.
  • Reduce risk through diversification.
  • Lower the cost of building a diverse portfolio.
  • Fund objectives

Whether you favour an income, growth or balanced investment strategy, there’s a wide choice of suitable funds available. If you want to achieve an even more diverse mix of investments, a fund of funds might be for you.

Fund charges

In order to cover the running costs of a fund and make a profit, fund managers charge an annual management charge (AMC), which makes up the bulk of a fund’s charges. When comparing annual costs, it’s better to look at the ongoing charge figure (OCF), since it also includes any trustee and auditor fees.

All of the funds available on our website are ‘clean’, which means we no longer receive trail commission from fund managers. This means lower fund charges for you!

How to invest in funds

Simply open an account and pay in some money. You’ll then be ready to buy and sell funds online or over the phone with us.

Daily price movements tend to be small, so generally, funds are valued once a day (10:00 with us). Orders placed before the cut-off time will usually be at that day's price and orders placed after will usually be at the following day's price.

Sometimes you'll see two versions of the same fund:

  1. Accumulation (acc) - Income is reinvested in the fund.
  2. Income (inc) - Income is paid out to you.

Help choosing funds

There are thousands of funds out there, so let us help you choose. Our Platinum 120 finest funds are handpicked by our analysts for their strong management and long-term prospects.

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