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Flexible ISAs

Our flexible stocks & shares ISAs enable you to replace withdrawn money in the same tax year (excl. Lifetime ISAs).

Replace withdrawn money

Whether it’s for an emergency roof repair or a much needed holiday, we all need to get our hands on some cash every now and then. Our flexible ISAs (excl. Lifetime ISAs) enable you to withdraw cash and then replace it in the same tax year, without affecting your ISA allowance.

Switch to a different ISA

If you withdraw cash from an old ISA with us, the money can only be paid back into that account (you won’t have to complete a new application to do so). However, if you withdraw cash from a flexible ISA that you have paid in during the current tax year, you can pay it back in (as subscription) to any type of ISA, including your Stocks & Shares ISA with us.

How it works

Your ISA allowance for the current tax year is £20,000. If, for example, you pay £15,000 into a flexible Stocks & Shares ISA with us and then withdraw £4,000, you will still be able to pay £9,000 back into the account (or split your remaining allowance between any other type of ISA) within this tax year. Just remember that you can only use your ISA allowance in one of each type of ISA every tax year. We’re confident we’ve got the best flexible ISA for you.